Selling in Howe Sound

To sell an island property, one needs to sell the lifestyle – so I show prospective buyers the Howe Sound lifestyle.

My number one priority is making my clients happy with their sale. I work very hard to make sure that every property I list is listed at exactly the right price, is professionally photographed, and gets marketed to buyers through various outlets. Then, I negotiate every dollar your home deserves.

Elliot Funt Real Estate Advisor at Engel & Völkers West Vancouver & Vancouver

Elliot Funt
Real Estate Advisor at Engel & Völkers West Vancouver & Vancouver


Having your property valued at the right price is essential to gaining interest in your property, priced either too high or too low could lead to leaving money on the table at the end of negotiations. The Internet plays a large part in determining the value of a given property. How it is marketed online is much more important than physical print because most other Realtors® and buyers search for properties online.

I work hard to determine what price range I think a property will both sell at and the price it should be listed. To determine these values, I complete extensive online research into prices of similar properties in the area and past sales. A large part of my experience before real estate includes business plan writing and market research; market research is no less important when valuing your property for sale. When we discuss the pricing of your property, I present you with the hard facts as to what the market is doing in your area, rather than just an off-the-cuff guess.

Contact me for a no obligation market assessment.

Preparation For Viewings & Staging

A little preparation can go along way. When selling recreational properties, it often makes sense to have a good landscaper or gardener come through before listing. Painting makes a world of difference as well, especially when you have loud colours or damaged walls. Needless to say, cleaning up before showings is essential.

Depending on the space, buying some new furniture often pays off (especially with luxury properties). The new furniture cost can be recouped as part of a negotiation. Due to the hassle of getting furniture to a property, many island properties do not show well as they have worn down old or hand-me-down furniture. Even if you decide against a staging company, it often makes sense to put unnecessary items temporarily into storage areas.

The time & money spent doing these things, definitely means your property fetches the highest value.



Amazing Photos & Videos

There is no additional cost to you for the professional photographer I bring in to take photos of your property. Fantastic photos & videos can make the difference between having no offers & viewings versus multiple offers.

For island properties under $500,000, I typically take photos myself with a professional quality camera.

Drone footage is included for properties when I feel it will add additional value to the sale (primarily for cliff-side properties).

Online Marketing & Advertising

Creating an Internet presence for your property is also critical. I make sure that buyers and other Realtors® see it on social media outlets. Digital Advertising of your property is extremely effective for getting it seen and viewed. &

During the time your Howe Sound property is listed, I feature it on this website (Howe Sound Living). I will also feature your property prominently on my primary website and write a blog entry about your property during the time you list your property with me. Links are to the webpage that your property is listed, for more information about your property. Blog postings will be varied; but will cover topics such as the value in the surrounding market, nearby attractions, beaches, or possibly the unique design features of your house.

Many Realtors® offer sites along with your listing. But unlike most Realtors® who simply pay an outside service to create a subpar Internet site, I have personally put in the effort to create a top of the line website (Howe Sound Living and to promote your property. A beautiful site is a luxury touch that will help attract potential buyers for your home and showcases the value of your home! This luxury marketing is then in turn also backed by the global luxury brand of Engel & Völkers.

Social Media

The blog postings are a way that I can market to social media sites without seeming like blatant marketing. I then will post the blog post to various locations to get the word out about your property.

Paid Google Search And Paid Facebook Ads

I invest in paid Google Search/Adwords to make sure there is always traffic flowing to my website and your listing. This, nor any of the other services I offer come at any extra cost above the commission on the sale of your home. 

Website & Blog Analytics

As part of excellent client communication, during the time your property if for sale I am happy to send you website and blog analytics (upon request). These analytics will show the amount of traffic generated to a specific site or webpage. In the analytics reports, I include any data on relevant pages and blog posts to and

MLS Reciprocity

For all listings that aren't "exclusive listings," I will post the listing on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). The MLS is one of the benefits of using all Realtors®; the MLS service allows other Realtors® to market your property and search for it. So your listing will appear on most other Realtors'® websites in their various MLS property searches.

Private Boat Tours

To sell an island property, one needs to sell the lifestyle. For island properties in Howe Sound, rather than hold open-houses, I take prospective buyers out on my boat based on their schedules.*

Selling in Howe Sound is not like selling in Downtown. Buyers are more selective in what they purchase, and most purchases are quite emotional. So this individual element of purchasing is quite essential. 

There is no additional charge for this service. My boat, a 21.5ft SeaRay, it is in the water April 1st to Oct 31st. The boat comfortably seats 6 adults, 8 adults is capacity. If a showing comes up outside of this time, I usually get a water taxi (whichever makes the most sense). 

*Excluding Bowen Island properties without dock access, as I will host open-houses instead.

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Quick Communication

A core part of every real estate agent's job is to communicate with customers, clients, and other agents. In theory what every agent should do and does do is often worlds apart. To receive top dollar for your home, it is vital that you have an agent that is on top of selling your property, cooperates fully with other agents, and responds quickly to buyers.

I'm an agent that picks-up phone calls, answer texts, and checks my email, and shockingly, I do all these things more than once every other week. Between 9am and 10pm, 7-days a week, I do my very best to get back to all customers, clients, and other agents within a max of 30 minutes no matter the communication medium. Between regular business hours, I typically respond within 10 minutes; and if I don't, it's most likely because I'm in the presence of another client.

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'SHOP' TV at Engel & Völkers Worldwide

Shop TV is a feature of the Engel & Völkers brand. When you list a luxury property with us, your listing will appear in all Engel & Völkers' 'Shops' worldwide. The idea behind the Shop concept is that it is bringing a friendly, luxury touch to your standard real estate office. Your listing will appear on TV screens shown in our shops worldwide on a rotational basis.

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Knowledge of Off-Grid Living

Most buyers know little about off-grid living, and it's imperative to inform buyers of what to will expect. Compound this lack of knowledge by the fact that many other Vancouver based buyers agents also know little or nothing about off-grid living. My accumulated knowledge of solar panels, drilled-wells, septic-fields, docks, and island building all come in very handy when selling; before you hire another agent, make sure they know about off-grid living and have a general idea of costs associated with being on an island.

Driving the boat in Howe Sound when I was 10 (1998)

Driving the boat in Howe Sound when I was 10 (1998)

Knowledge of Howe Sound

I'm an avid power boater and sailor and have been since I was a little kid on my grandparents' boat. My parents also live just outside of Horseshoe Bay with a beautiful view of Howe Sound.

It's one thing to boat around Howe Sound, name the islands, and love nature; it's another to know the developments, area politics, and policies. Most of Howe Sound is within the Sunshine Coast Regional District which has many area-specific zoning regulations. Often it is difficult even to tell where property lines begin and end, so having an agent that can correctly find this information out becomes essential.

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The most surprising thing I've found in the real estate industry is that many agents do not know how to negotiate. Before real estate, I sold Mazdas for 3-years, and also negotiated contracts while writing business plans for 5-years. Negotiating on behalf of my clients is one of the most valuable services I offer and one of my best skills.

Unlike a condo in Downtown Vancouver, Howe Sound properties do not usually sell in a week. While a property is listed, it is common to get low-ball offers; it becomes very important to know exactly how to deal with and respond to low-ball offers.

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